The Sugar Better Course

The Sugar Better Course is a refresher course on the AP sugaring technique. The course will help you master the Kennedy Theory® for sugaring along with our 6 Step™ for better sugaring techniques. This course will help you sugar better, faster and more efficiently, even when faced with though hair extraction. Our end goal is to prepare you to provide an overall better service to your clients, every-time.


10 - 12 Hours



What’s included:

– The AP Sugaring Technique

About this class

Your outcome

With the Alexandria Professional® system, you will go beyond learning excellence in hair removal. You will learn how to help each client with their individual skin needs; Whether unwanted hair, hormonal induce hair growth or skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, you will help them regain confidence and happiness in their own skin.

Having this certificate could take me many places or anywhere I want to go. The more I have the better in the industry. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot and would love the opportunity to learn more from Alexandria Sugar Company.



After one treatment I was able to see the actual color of my skin for the first time in over 16 years. I almost wanted to cry. My clients are amazed and cannot wait to begin the procedure. Thank you so much for finding the solution to my long term problem.

Sharla Ross


We are here whenever you need more guidance

Our educators have a genuine interest in your growth as a skin sugaring expert. The Alexandria Professional® theory and technique are proven to lead to permanent hair reduction through our Permanent Reduction Program (PRP). And our educators are here to help you achieve mastery of our technique every step of the way.

Hone your craft with authority.