Hi Melanie  Yes that can happen.  Glad to help you with it.  So it’s your technique that is a little off.  Your 1 hand position is that of a 2.  It is in a 90 degree angle from the skin when you’re removing using your step 6.  A good step 6 should return to a 1 position before coming off the skin.  This will cause less discomfort for your customer.  So when I say it should look like 1-2-1-2 during tough hair extraction it means you come off the skin in a 1 and land in a 1, change to a 2 for application but because you are moving so quickly the rest looks like a 1 as if its a 1-2-1-2 rather than 1-6 very fast.  Just what the eye is seeing.  But what I do see is it looks like a 1-2-2-2-2.   Perhaps when you send your next video do a couple long passes on the side of the face and show me the whole technique.  then demonstrate the THE again. Since you haven’t had an educator in a while, when is the last time you took a sugar better workshop? Shannon