1. Sugar Paste has become too soft to kick-off. Skin is not held taut before the kick-off. Sugar paste was not brought back just paste the edge of the moulded paste before the kick-off. Sugar paste was applied too thin. Pressure before the kick-off was too hard. Sugar paste was spread too wide. Overworking and area. Tips of your fingers are pushing into the sugar paste when you kick-off. 
  2. D not apply as much pressure; use a lighter and quicker kick-off. Use short and sharp kick-offs. Do no try to remove a large amount of sugar paste in out kick-off. Do not mould the sugar paste over an area you just freed; it will only become stuck again. Discard the paste in your hand and add fresh pieces to the edge of the area. Apply the powder at the edge of the sugar paste, Drap the tail of the sugar paste onto the powder, and then kick-off. Use cotton, Pellan, or paper strips. Wash off the area with water. 
  3. Bruising can occur when the paste gets stuck to their skin and there in constant effort to remove the paste from the same spot. Avoid too much pressure with your support hand or when you are moulding the paste onto the skin.