1. Sugaring is very sanitary. “Sugar” does not become contaminated because bacteria cannot breed in high concentrates of sugar. 
  2. Never double dip our hands, never reach into the sugar paste container without first disinfecting your hand or putting on a fresh set of gloves. 
  3. Technique, without proper training it can be hard to work with. Product, not good quality sugar makes it harder to deal with varying conditions. 
  4. False, all aestheticians wear gloves for every treatment. Prevents the sugar from melting down. 
  5. No, hair does not grow faster in hot climates, unless you’re a native and become physically affected. 
  6. No, shaving on an angle of hair makes it appear thicker. 
  7. No, unless eaten 
  8. No, unless it’s a sugar wax which contains sugar and wax/resins. 
  9. No
  10. Improper techniques, lack of exfoliation, and client’s skincare