1. Precept Skin Cleanser: cleanse the skin of any dirt, makeup or oils prior to hair removal. Small areas apply cleanser to a cotton pad and cleanse the area and large areas use a damp cloth with cleanser. Essential Toner: Pre/Post epilation use reduces redness and clams the skin, also opens the cuticles. Spray onto skim after cleansing. Apply before hydrating lotion. Vertal 6″ Drying Powder: pure/refined powder that’s perfume, chemical and oil free. Apply after tonic and skin is dry, gently pat on area to be treated. Avoid Eyes. Restore “Hydrating Lotion”: gently soothes and protects skin after treatment, also hydrates. Works best when applied to damp skin, apply tonic then massage the lotion in until fully absorbed. Covicide: surface disinfectant used for the control of cross contamination. Spray 8-12″ away from the item and wipe off with a cloth. Warmer: used to keep the sugar paste pliable. Remove the lid, then seal. Place the lid back on until in use. 
  2. Appy after sugaring in complete and skin is damp, and tonic has been applied. 
  3. Smooth taffy-like consistency. Place lid on container, do not tighten. Press on/off button. Left means present temperature. Right means current temperature. Use up/down to adjust temperature. Leave at desired temperature till warm. Turn off when not in use. Also, can microwave the sugar. Remove the lid and liner and microwave for 30 seconds- 1 minutes. If the sugar needs longer heat in 5-10 second intervals till right consistency.