1. Regular Sugar Paste: soft & pliable. Tropical Sugar Paste: firmer. LK Private Stock Sugar Paste: very soft. Tropical Plus Sugar: firmer texture. LK Plus Sugar Paste: between LK & regular, not too soft. 
  2. Variation does not affect the texture or effectiveness. Process of manufacturing fills the jars light to dark. 
  3. Overheating and/or moisture loss.
  4. Keep the lid on at all times, store in a dry and cool area. 
  5. When soft/pliable very little pressure is needed therefore it’s more comfortable for the client vs. when it’s too stiff more pressure is needed which causes discomfort. 
  6. Add KiSS Adjuster which is used to thin the sugar. Add water and work it into the sugar till absorbed. Add little at a time and adjust as needed. 
  7. Never add water directly to the jar so you can adjust as you use it. 
  8. Throw 1/2 of the paste in your hand away and add a fresh piece, use tropical paste only and have a fan available. 
  9. Outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, client’s body temperature, dry skin and dense hair. 
  10. Add KiSS adjuster if sugar is stiff. Never use stiff paste. If too warm hold it til it cools. Adjust room temperature as needed. Keep a cool/dry room. Always keep the lid on the container. Plastic wrap under the lid when not in use. Store in a cool/dry area. Gloves are mandatory. 
  11. Sugar, water and lemon juice.