1. Keratinized cells (dead proteins called keratin)
  2. Cuticle, Cortex, Medulla
  3. The part we see & touch. 
  4. Tube shape used to grow hair. 
  5. Cortex (middle layer)
  6. No, they slant in different angles into the skin. 
  7. Outer Sheath: continuous with the outer epidermal layer, not keratinized. Inner Sheath: produced by germinal matrix, never keratinize. 
  8. Largest part of the follicle that contains a cavity filled with loose connective tissue.
  9. Contains cells and blood necessary to nourish the base of the hair. 
  10. Arrector Pili Muscle
  11. Sebaceous (oil) ducts being over-active. 
  12. Mitosis
  13. The anagen stage is the active growth stage and the most favorable time to extract the hair. The catagen stage is when hair stops growing and the follicle regresses. The telogen stage is when the hair is dormant till it sheds or is extracted. 
  14. Mesonagen- when the telogen phase reverts back to the anagen phase and a new hair try to push the old hair out leading to possible 3 hairs from one follicle. 
  15. Lanugo Hair, Vellus Hair, Terminal Hair, Intermediate Hair
  16. Congenital Pattern or Systemic Pattern 
  17. Stress, medication, smoking, pregnancy, surgery, warm/hot climates.
  18. Ask about any reoccurred recent changes that could cause the growth. 
  19. Tumors, radiation, scarring, and genetics.