Sugaring is more sanitary. Bacteria can not breed in sugar. 

It is never acceptable to double dip into the sugar pot. the sugar pot remains debris free, and the same ball of sugar is used for the whole treatment. 

Sugar is not too messy to work with. It is water soluble. Once correct technique and control is learned the practitioner can master and have a very mess free process. 

Yes gloves are worn during sugaring as the moisture and oils in the skin may cause the sugar to break down as its being used. this also creates a safe barrier between you and the client. 

Sugaring does not increase blood flow to the area causing more hair growth. 

NO, the sugar does not enter the bloodstream and its safe to use on diabetics, and also safe to use on spider veins. 

There are no chemicals in the Alexandria sugar paste. 

No, you don’t need a quarter inch of hair growth to sugar a client. Much shorter hairs can be pulled. 

The common causes of ingrown hairs are lack of exfoliation, skin hydration and care.