Causes of Hair Growth:

  • Congenital Patterns- based on genetics
  • Systemic Patterns- based on hormonal secretions 

4 Ways of Hair

  • Lanugo- found on the body of a fetus or a newborn baby; soft and downy and sheds shortly before or after birth 
  • Vellus- peach fuzz; soft and light colored with a slow growth rate
  • Terminal- hair all over; grows 1 cm per month
  • Intermedia- face and body; between vellus and terminal growth rate

Other causes of excess hair growth or loss:

  • prolonged stress increases androgen levels which cause excessive hair growth 
  • smoking can increase hair growth due to the increase of adrenaline
  • medicine in general can disrupt your endocrine system and increase hormonal imbalances that lead to excess hair 
  • weather can increase hair growth due to increased blood flow

3 Stages of Hair Growth

  1. Anagen Stage: hair is actually growing; ideal for extracting hair
  2. Catagen Phase: period of transition where the dermal papilla cells become inactive; hair stops growing
  3. Telogen Stage: follicle is at rest and the hair remains dormant until it is shed, extracted or pushed out