Bacteria: single-celled microorganisms that can be found almost anywhere

Pathogenic Bacteria: type of bacteria that can lead to disease, harm, or death

Bacteria can enter through- mouth, eyes, nose, and ears to the bloodstream

Nitrile Gloves- protect against dangerous viruses and bloodborne pathogens

Sanitation Steps

  1. wash equipment and surfaces with warm water
  2. spray treatment beds and countertops with CaviCide
  3. Spray again with CaviCide and allow it to sit for 3 minutes
  4. Precleanse non-electrical instruments with CaviCide and steralize 
  5. Disinfect the rest per manufacturer’s instructions

Always inspect your client’s skin for any visible infections, disorders, rashes, or skin breaks

Prevent Bacteria by:

  • using proper pre-post epilation procedures
  • thoroughly wash your hands
  • use tubes/jars rather then containers 
  • cover open skin with a bandage
  • double wrap blood contaminated materials in plastic 

Never reuse sugar paste on another client!