Retin-A Treatments

  • topical treatment that is used to decrease the number and appearance of acne pimples and help restore the skin to a youthful look
  • loosens the skin’s intercellular glue
  • skin loosens, sheds and renews itself
  • sugar around the areas that the client has used it
  • examples include; glycolic peels, enzyme peels, alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs 
  • test patch first; wait 28 days to safely sugar them 

Accutane- high dosage of vitamin A that is taken orally; used to treat severe cystic acne by reducing the amount of sebum released by your sebaceous glands 

Do not sugar any client using Accutane or a mechanical form or exfoliation called microdermabrasion.

Microdermabrasion removes the centermost layer of skin cells in the stratum coronium which helps stimulate cell growth in the underlying dermis. 

When in doubt always conduct a patch test!