Redness and itchy skin are actually quit normal after a treatment

  • reactions are due to excessive blood-flow to the treatment areas and they usually disappear within an hour or so

You can reduce inflammation and calm the skin by applying our mud puddle essential tonic hydrating lotion

to prevent irritation getting worse advise your clients to avoid

  • hot baths, sunbeds, and sunbathing
  • rubbing or scratching the area
  • wearing tight clothing
  • exercising immediately after

clients with dry skin are prone to ingrown hairs

3 types of ingrown hairs

  • blockages in the pores
  • hair running parallel to the epidermis
  • hair trapped deep within the follicle
  • infected spots 

Ingrown hairs that form as blockages in the pores often become blackheads- in this case the hair grows out the follicle and pulls a U-turn and heads back into the follicle aka pseudofolliculitis 

Ingrown hair trapped deep within the follicle forms a hard dark lump on the skin surface

Use water based moisturizer for maximal absorption of purified water for maximal hydration