1. Wipe-down client with our Presept Skin Cleanser to clear the skin of makeup, dirt, lotions or oils
  • Presept skin cleanser can be used daily at home
  • anti-microbial and protects against micro-organisms 

2. Essential Tonic

  • pre/post epilation use
  • anti-inflammatory 
  • soothing on the skin blemishes
  • spray 6-8″ away from the skin

3. Vertal Drying Powder

  • pure, refined, chemical and aluminum free
  • hypoallergenic
  • shake from the container onto the skin and apply a thin smooth layer

Calm & Cool Me

  • used to calm and cool the skin before and after removing your hair
  • reduces redness
  • calm nerve endings to help reduce any discomfort
  • apply 15 minutes before hair removal treatment 
  • cleanse before treatment starts