Sugar Paste

  • sugar
  • water
  • lemon juice

LK Private Stock Sugar

  • very soft paste
  • ideal for softening firm sugar
  • ideal for dry conditions

Soft sugar paste is easier to mold and manipulate and seeps quickly into the hair follicle allowing for better extraction

LK Plus Sugar Paste

  • softer 
  • more fluid sugar paste
  • suited for warmer environments and warmer bodies

Regular Sugar Paste

  • soft and pliable texture
  • versatile
  • can soften as needed without breaking is down 

Tropical Sugar Paste

  • firmer paste
  • excellent for humid climates
  • good for practitioners with warm hands

Tropical Plus Sugar Paste

  • firmest 
  • ideal for extreme warmth and humidity

Sugar becomes more firm as sugar collects dry skin and hair during the hair removal process

KISS Adjuster

  • used to adjust your sugar paste consistency 
  • squeeze desired amount into the paste and work it until fully absorbed 
  • softening is a vital par of the treatment process

Sugar Paste Color

  1. light gold
  2. medium ember 

Texture ensures the sugaring technique is comfortable, efficient, and effective for you and your clients

Don’t want stiff paste, or too soft either 

Temperature is the main factor that affects the sugar paste’s texture 

Never add water to sugar paste jar

Always wear gloves