Sugaring products are 100% natural, gentle, and hypoallergenic

Post-Epilation is used as a precautionary measure

Essential Tonic

  • used in both pre and post epilation 
  • anti-microbial, cell regenerator and anti-inflammatory
  • reapplying will ensure that any redness, soreness, and inflammation is reduced
  • shake the bottle before spraying, hold 6-8″ away and spray; in smaller areas spray into your palm and apply with your fingers

Restore Hydrating Lotion

  • hydrating dry and flaky sensitive skin while restoring flexibility and regenerating skin cells 
  • lightweight and non-comedogenic
  • gentle for all skin types, body parts, and both women and men
  • apply on damp skin and immediately after the tonic
  • massage the lotion on all treatment areas until it is completely absorbed
  • massage the lotion upwards towards the heart; great for circulation

Restore has the most drastic benefits for clients with dehydrated skin. Dehydrated skin is more difficult to work with the first few times because it grips the hair tightly.

Mud Puddle

  • all natural Hungarian mud, rich essential minerals and collagen
  • helps with ingrown hair problems
  • treats facial blemishes 
  • improves skin texture
  • anti-inflammatory properties draw away heat from the body 
  • reduces redness faster
  • can be mixed with tonic, distilled water or lotion 1:1 ratio

How to use for Post-Hair Removal

  • mix with essential tonic to help reduce redness/calm down histamines faster
  • mix with restore hydrating lotion to create a more whipped texture; creates more moisture within the mask 

CC’me (Calm & Cool Me)

  • both a pre-sugaring/post-sugaring product
  • pure & natural blend 
  • calm/cool the skin before and after removing hair
  • calm nerve endings to help reduce any discomfort 
  • help reduce redness and control histamine reactions 

To Use for Post-Sugaring

  • apply to the skin to reduce any continuing discomfort as well as redness
  • apply at full strength to help with histamine reactions after hair removal

Results- soft and supple skin and restored skin health