Kennedy Theory

  • always extract the hair in its natural direction of growth
  • allows us to extract hair as short as 1/16 of an inch 

Advanced Sugaring Technique

  • molding the sugar paste onto the skin to lubricate the hair shaft, making it pliable 

Anagen Phase

  • most ideal for extracting hair because at this point the hair is still attached to the dermal papilla at the bottom of the follicle’s bulb

Catagen phase 

  • hair isn’t actually growing, which means extraction at this stage does nothing to prevent further growth 

Telogen Phase

  • hair is in a resting state, so it does nothing to prevent further growth due to it being pushed out by new growth anyway

Catagen/Telogen Phase

  • extraction during the telogen and catagen phase are less ideal than the anagen phase, but still play key roles in permanent hair removal 

Best to Extract

  • early stages of anagen where the hair bulb housing the dermal papilla is at its largest size 
  • extraction at this stage not only disrupts the follicle cycle but it removes part of the inner root sheath 
  • continuing to sugar during this stage will deplete the follicle which reduces its inner diameter which can lead to permanent hair removal

Complete follicle depletion varies from person to person, also depends on the body part being treated.