1. 10 Advantages: pure/natural ingredients, not as hot, easier to clean up, will not stick to live skin, cost effective, never dries, will not break as many hairs, more sanitary, can extract very short hairs, and leads to permeance.
  2.  Important Factors: no harmful side effects such as allergic reactions, will not increase blood supply, client never feels sticky after, less trauma to the skin, multiple uses throughout the body = less waste, shorter process time, sugar lubricates that hair = gentle extraction, hyper allergenic and non-comedogenic, less then 1/4″ is required to sugar, and depletes the hair follicle = more refined hair 
  3. Sugar will not adhere to live skin cells, therefore it’s safe for dry skin and is gentle enough to go over the same area several times. Also, not as hot so no worry of burning or pulling skin. 
  4. With sugar hair is eased out of the follicle in the natural direction of growth and lubricates the follicle to extract the hair intact. 
  5. Multiple treatments deplete the hair follicle, so the hair comes back more refined. Hair is also extracted at an early growth phase that can lead to permeance. 
  6. Sugaring: permeance, body temperature, cleaned off with water, safe for varicose veins, and never dries VS. Waxing: hot temperatures can cause burning, costly/wasteful, sticky, and longer process