Ten Advantages of Sugar 

1 All Natural – safe enough to eat / chemical free products 

2 Not as Hot – less risk of burning your client!

3 Leads to Permanency – after every treatment the hair grows back thinner and patchier than after waxing with is more painful.

4 Easy Clean Up – water soluble and your client will not leave all sticky. 

5 cost Effective – same ball of sugar for whole treatment / you never double dip / always sanitize and change gloves before getting new sugar 

6 Will not stick to live skin / because it is water soluble and skin cells are composed of water can’t remember percentage – its unable to stick 

7 Never Dries – shortens the process time , same ball of sugar used over the whole body, no dipping etc.. 

8 less hair breakage – hair removed in the direction of hair growth which is less painful. the sugar seeps in around the hair follicles and allows for a gentler removal process that doesn’t damage . 

9 More sanitary – bacteria doesn’t grow in sugar. sugar has been used for healing wounds for years. used on soldiers in the war… this makes it quite sanitary, healing… 

10 removal of shorter hairs – able to grab shorter hairs for removal –  thinking this is because of how it seeps in around the follicle …… 

The sugar paste will not tear the skin as it doesn’t adhere to live skin cells. it will exfoliate and sick to the dead ones, but not the live skin. This causes less trauma and irritation. also its colder and won’t burn, cause inflammation of tissues etc. 

Sugar will not break as many hairs as wax, because it is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth and removed in the direction of hair growth, which is a more natural and comfortable and complete removal of the hair. it cradles the follicle and seeps around the follicle below the skins surface pulling a complete hair with out breakage. 

This leads to permanency as the whole follicle is removed every time, will grow back smaller and thinner after each treatment . 


Sugar – 

safe, effective, cost effective, leads to permanency, sanitary, less painful, 

Wax- hot, longer process, can tear the skin, breaks more hairs as the process is the opposite direction of sugaring, has to be longer to remove the hair,