The hair is made of keratinized cells. These are dead cells. this is why we dot feel anything when we cut our hair or nails.

The three layers of the hair are the cuticle, the cortex, and the medulla. 

The hair follicle is a tube that is larger at the bottom. Its prime function is to grow hair. It works with the epidermis’ keratinizing functions to grow hair. 

Melanin is found in the cortex. it determines the color of our hair. A lack of melanin means lighter hair. There is an absence of melanin in blonde and grey hairs. 

Hair follicles do nut run straight up and down, rather they grow in angles across the skin. 

 The inner root sheath and the outer root sheath are part of the follicle. The inner root sheath will never keratin and will only grow to about the oil glands. The outer dermal layer is part of the epidermal layer called the stratum corneum . Also know as the horny layer. 

The hair bulb looks like a bulb is located at the base of the follicle and is filled with loose connective tissues. this is called the dermal papilla. 

The dermal papilla is the magic behind the making of hair. Contains cells and blood vessels that nourish the hair growth. They are responsible for creating the germinal matrix that allows hair to grow at a very rapid rate. 

The arector pili muscle contracts with cold or fright to cause the hairs to stand up straight, and cause goosebumps. 

Over active sebaceous ducts may be the cause of oil or acne. 

The process of cell division is called mitosis. 

The threee stages of hair growth are anagen, catogen and telogen. 

Anagen is the active growth stage and can last months or years. 

Catogen is when the hair follicle stops producing and the hair stops growing. 

Tanogen is the resting phase for the hair. extraction isn’t desirable at this point.