Mesananagen is the sub stage before the anogen stage of hair growth. extraction during this stage isn’t desirable. 

Four classifications of hair are 

Languno – soft downy like hair found on newborn babes that shed away.. 

Vellus – the lighter colored peach fuzz found all over face and body. It is rooted more shallow and sits on the nerve endings., you must patch test before doing a whole face velds hair removal as a histamine reaction can occur. 

Terminal – is the hair all over our bodies – our scalp, pubic hair, beards armpits, etc.. 

Intermediate Hair – all over the body is between velds and terminal in its consistency. 

Causes of hair growth – Congenital and Systemic. Congenital is based on genetics. Systemic is based on other factors such as hormones, pregnancy, diet, nourishment, puberty, pregnancy etc. 

If your clients hair is growing back faster than normal and thicker this could be indicate of hormone or endocrine disorders. 

Stress, medication, hormones, surgery, can all inhibit he production of hair growth.